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Stakeholder Workshops with Vail Williams

6th March 2020

This week we took a trip down to the London and Southampton offices of our long-time client Vail Williams. We’re working with VW on a brand new project, scheduled to launch later this year. As part of the project, we needed to gain insight from many of the firms senior partners. Our Founder & Client Services Director, Tom, led two key workshops with the partners. We covered the partners job roles in more detail, their clients’ needs and challenges, and how we, as VW’s digital partner, could better support them and the wider client community. The sessions were interactive, and involved many post-its and stand-up-and-get-involved exercises. Coming away from the meetings, we have a refreshed perspective on our challenge ahead. There really is no substitute for involving key stakeholders in big projects, gaining fresh perspectives and making sure everyone who needs to be involved is involved and bought into the process.

March 6, 2020
By Emily Triplett