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Speaking at Startup Stories

15th May 2017

Our very own Tom Parson was invited to speak on the panel last Friday at the Manchester Digital event Startup Stories. The topic was bootstrap vs investment funding. In short, the pros and cons of businesses seeking investment vs trying to ‘go it on their own’ financially. The ninth Startup Stories event brought together a panel of four tech and digital professionals to deliberate on advantages and challenges of each approach. Other speakers at the event included event ticket search engine TickX, tax consultancy ForrestBrown and Q&A web service Assenty. Tom, as seen above taking questions, reflected on the joint decision to opt for self-funding, avoiding loans or investment, and the path it took him and co-founder Harry with Huddle Digital. Now two years into Huddle, Tom was able to discuss how the business managed the challenges of the bootstrap funding path, why it was ultimately the right decision for them, and advise any startups in the audience looking to self-fund their businesses. The event also gave great insight into other startups that sought investment and the pros and cons of this approach. If you’d like to hear more about the discussion, follow us on Twitter for more or subscribe to our newsletter.

May 15, 2017
By Tom Parson