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Team goals and resolutions for 2019

7th January 2019

We’re not going to lie, waking up at 6am wasn’t easy after 2 weeks off but after a morning of coffee drinking and team catch up we feel human again and are looking forward to a fresh new year! We hit some great milestones last year and can’t wait to continue our enthusiasm into 2019.

Huddle’s goals for 2019

This year we’ll have lots to look forward to and have come up with some ideas for days spent out of the office as it’s no fun being cooped up inside all the time! After a successful day volunteering with Cash for Kids over Christmas we’ve decided this year we’re going to take the time to volunteer for other local charities. Looking back at past year’s client satisfaction scores we’re aiming to increase this percentage as we look at expanding our team even further and take on more client retainers. Along with our company goals we’ve also got some resolutions for ourselves.

Tom’s resolution

After losing an amazing 40lbs of weight last year, Tom’s looking to keep up the healthy lifestyle by getting into swimming. Through our recent Vitality health insurance, he’s also blagged an Apple Watch to keep him motivated, which he spares no opportunity to tell us about. He wants to include healthy habits into his everyday routine like drinking more water and meditating.

Harry’s resolution

After months of keto dieting, Harry has also lost an impressive amount of weight. He’s planning on keeping this up for the next months into the new year to reach his end weight goal.

Emily’s resolution

I want to take more time to make sure I don’t stress about things that can’t be controlled by setting times aside to meditate for a few minutes. I’m also making a resolution to keep in touch with old friends and family by reaching out once a week to at least one person. My main aim is to spend more money and time into making my house the most cosy and relaxing place possible. (Soft furnishings!) If you need help with keeping track of your resolutions or reminders to actually do them then we’ve been using this app, HabitBull. You can plan when you want to do them and tick off days that have been successful. You can also use it for breaking bad habits. It takes 21 days to break a habit and 66 days to form a good one so we’re just taking one day at a time!

January 7, 2019
By Emily Triplett