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Why We’re Introducing Weekly Client Updates

5th October 2018

One of the things we want to do at Huddle is to make sure we always have a good idea of how our clients are doing, their challenges and issues, and specifically how they’re finding working with us. Working with other people is hard, especially third parties, and bringing an agency into your business processes can be challenging. We believe that only by doing this will we break through from only providing day to day services, and allow a long-lasting and meaningful business relationship to flourish. One of the ways we keep our finger on the pulse of how our clients are feeling is through our client satisfaction programme. In short, we follow up. We follow up with clients after we finish a project for them, or after we’ve been working with them for a few months on a regular basis. We follow up with some quick questions on how the client is finding working together. The feedback we get is invaluable. Our clients appreciate that we are humble enough to know that no agency is perfect, and feedback goes a long way to improving our service delivery and client care. One thing we do as part of this follow up is a client satisfaction survey, which we ask clients to complete online. From all of our survey feedback, 53% of our clients felt like they could benefit from more frequent updates on ongoing work. So that’s exactly what we’re doing. We’ve been trialing this for the last few weeks and now we’re happy to say we’ve now put systems in place which streamline our processes enough that we can provide a personal weekly update email for all of our retainer clients. This gives clients a reminder on where we’re up to, what they need to come back to us on, and provides an opportunity to ask any questions that didn’t seem big enough for an email or phone call, but that they’d quite like to raise. We’ll follow up again with some clients after having done this for a while, to see if they feel more in the loop. We’re always looking for ways to adapt and change our processes to support our clients, and the client satisfaction programme is our way of formalising this to ensure it is an ongoing priority.

October 5, 2018
By Tom Parson