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Increase Blog Traffic and User Engagement with Blog Stories

23rd May 2017

Having a blog on your website is a great digital marketing method that allows you to publish new and engaging content and keep potential customers coming back to your site. One important consideration for your blog is cross-promoting other relevant blogs to visitors. For example, if they come to your site to read an article about a particular topic, showing related links to similar articles can be a great way to encourage click throughs and keep people on your site and engaging with your brand. However, one thing to be cautious of is ‘user tunnel vision’. This is where web users become so accustomed to certain interfaces that they start to develop tunnel vision and just don’t see certain parts of pages anymore. We’ve noticed this time and time again in our own user experience and usability testing. Users will spend ages looking for a link to something, when it can be found perhaps in the header at the top of the page, or in the footer of the page. However, because these areas are so common and on every page, users start to develop a certain blindness to them, and just don’t see them anymore. Like they’re on autopilot. One way to get around this with your blog is to introduce new and interesting ways to link together blog posts, besides the ubiquitous “Related posts,” which often get ignored. For a couple of our clients we’ve introduced the “Blog Stories” functionality, allowing them to link up blogs into an ongoing chronological story. This allows them to publish updates on a topic, while keeping older posts relevant by providing background information on the developing story. A great example of this is covering an election. Throughout the initial election, there will be blog posts around campaign activity, predictions on who will win, and so on. Then, the results are published. Finally, blog posts start to recap on the election and look to the future. With our stories feature, all of these posts can be brought together in one ongoing story. This encourages click-throughs to relevant older blog posts, and makes sure your blog is seen as a valuable source of information by search engines and users. Get in touch to find out more about blog stories and how we can help increase your traffic and user-engagement.

May 23, 2017
By Tom Parson