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Huddle's 2021 Recap

22nd December 2021

Another year, already? To me, this year has gone by in the blink of an eye. A lot has developed within Huddle, and there have been some important changes. As always, this is the time of year for both looking back, and looking forward.

Our work

This year we have delivered outcomes for new and existing clients such as:

  • An interactive presentation builder web app
  • Several new commercial websites
  • A completely redesigned blog and checkout process for an existing website
  • Incorporating a trade customer checkout into a subscription-based website
  • Abolishing business cards in favour of a web-powered QR-code system

We’re always excited to work with clients to help them realise the potential of their website, which is often above and beyond what they expected was possible.

Our clients

Speaking of, we’ve continued to work with our valued regular clients throughout the year, some now into our seventh year of working together. We’ve also welcomed a select few new clients who we’ve worked with on brand new websites, and we are happy to say we are continuing to work with these on new projects into the new year. We’ve even had to turn down several projects this year, instead making introductions to one of our network of partners, in order to focus on the clients and projects where we excel. We are extremely proud of our client feedback this year, with a 94% average client satisfaction rating and 73% “Excellent” average NPS score (compared to industry average of 57% source). We are grateful for the fantastic clients we work with, who inspire us to push boundaries while providing friendly faces to look forward to seeing week on week.

Our team

This year our team is stronger than ever working to a remote-first flexible working model. This means we are primarily working from home, but do have access to office space and our team can, and do, use it as little or often as they like. As we’re such a small and focussed team, I can say this has not had a negative effect on our productivity, and if anything, it’s further streamlined how we work. We’ve taken time to work on our internal processes, along with adopting a major new software tool this year. We’ve adapted to one of our team relocating and going full time remote, and the imperceptible impact this has had on our workflow is testament to the way we reinvented ourselves as a remote business during 2020. Not to mention our team hiking and climbing trips, regular games mornings and Christmas meal with our in-house and long-term freelance partners, we value our team and our time together more than ever this year.

Our future

2020 was a tough year, and even though we made it to the end in profit and doing work we were proud of, we knew we wanted 2021 to be better. I’m proud to say we’re on target to exceed our 2021 growth plans, and are on track to build on these in 2022. We are currently booked up for the next few months with some very exciting projects confirmed to start next year. From a complete rebuild of a charity website with a self-service member portal, to a peer-to-peer professional matchmaking platform, and an interactive system featuring educational resources for children and young people. We are continuing to talk to our clients, improve our processes, invest in our team, and forge new connections to enable us to continue to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. We have big things coming up with both our project management and marketing. I’m looking forward to whatever 2022 holds but for now, we’re just grateful for a well-earned break. Take care everyone and I hope you have a restful and enjoyable break, you’ve earned it!

December 22, 2021
By Tom Parson