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First Permanent Hire

19th September 2018

Huddle was first established in January 2015 by two co-founders: Tom and Harry. Our web design and development backgrounds gave us the skills to undertake client work and fulfil project briefs ourselves, keeping us lean and streamlined. When the time came, our network of designer and developer peers, mostly ex-colleagues, were an invaluable resource to call upon when we needed freelance help with overflow. For the past 3 years Huddle has grown like this, calling on the expertise of partners and specialists from our circle of contacts. And proudly so – it’s allowed us to provide more comprehensive services and ensured that our clients get top quality solutions. However, our plan was always to grow the company and bring that expertise in-house, when the time was right. Having worked for others in the past, we were conscious that when we got to the point of hiring staff, we wanted to give new hires a supportive, exciting and stimulating work environment. We feel a huge amount of passion for Huddle and what we do, and we wanted to wait until we were able to grow a team that felt a similar passion and drive, rather than filling roles as soon as possible. And so this year the time has come for our first permanent hire. Emily first came on board on a six-month internship with us while studying for a masters in Digital Marketing. She proved herself to be passionate, enthusiastic and keen to learn more about how digital marketing works in an agency setting. The internship is run by the careers department at the University of Salford, with support from banking giant Santander.

“We are delighted that Emily, who studied Digital Marketing at the University of Salford, has successfully engaged in an internship with Huddle Digital and that she has now been recruited into a permanent role. Congratulations to both Emily and Huddle!”

– Ian Boardman, Head of Career Development & Employment at University of Salford

Following her internship, Emily has joined the team as an Account Executive. She’ll be helping Tom, our Client Services Director, to follow up with work being done, regularly update clients on progress, respond to client queries, and generally make sure the wheels are moving day to day. We’re looking forward to supporting Emily in her own professional development at Huddle, alongside growing the company further.

September 19, 2018
By Tom Parson