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We've taken the Green Growth Pledge

22nd January 2019

With this week being Big Energy Saving Week, we’re in the mindset of being as green as possible. Last year we took the Green Growth Pledge where we made a decision as a company to change our behaviours that have a negative impact on the environment. As individuals, we’ve all realised that there are a lot of small changes we can do to improve pollution and the amount of resources we use. This makes a positive impact up to a point but it’s businesses that are having a drastic effect on the environment. It’s great that companies are becoming more aware of this and making changes themselves. Your business can take the Green Growth Pledge too by choosing from a list of over 50 things that you’re either already doing or making a pledge to start doing. This includes everything from choosing to buy materials based on how they’re made and sourced, using tap water instead of bottled, keeping the office at the correct temperature, turning off all plug sockets at the end of the day etc. We were pleasantly surprised to find out how many things on this list we already do, such as using public transport to commute and going paperless – we send all our invoices out electronically. As it’s Big Energy Saving Week we feel this is a great opportunity for other companies to join us in becoming as resource efficient as possible.

January 22, 2019
By Emily Triplett