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Dynamic email footers using your website CMS

With a national team, Vail Williams upgraded their company-wide email signature to allow the marketing team to easily update email footer graphics, with personalisation, scheduling and randomisation options.

One benefit to working with clients over a number of years is that we get real insight into how they work and areas where technology can support and enhance working processes.

We noticed that Vail Williams regularly update their email footer banner with awards wins, upcoming events, or seasonal messaging. Each time this happened, there was liaison with the external IT provider and the process took time to turn around.

We discussed with VW the benefit to being able to update the email footer more immediately. As a result, we worked directly with the IT provider to change the email footer code so that Vail Williams were able to update the footer remotely via the website CMS.

Not only can Vail Williams now update their company’s email footer banner immediately using familiar tools, but they also have a number of personalisation and scheduling options, and full click reporting.

It is now possible to:

  • Update the company-wide email footer banner instantly using the website CMS
  • Link the banner to any content on or off the website
  • Show a different banner depending on which region of the country the sender is in
  • Show a different banner depending on the date, with the ability to schedule seasonal banners start and end dates
  • Track how many people click on the email banner and report on this alongside other website reporting