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In the spirit of National Coding Week, learn how Huddle started coding

20th September 2018

This week it’s National Coding Week, encouraging volunteers to set up digital events and build up people’s confidence in code. As it’s National Coding Week, we’re taking a look into how each member of the Huddle team started out with coding.

Harry – Technical Director

Harry started coding simple HTML websites in School, later hacking together web systems with some of the earliest CMS platforms like PHP-Nuke, long before WordPress dominated the market. From then on Harry was determined to build bigger and better systems, studying in related fields and later working in web agencies to fulfil this goal.

Tom – Client Services Director

Tom got into coding in his teens. A friend introduced him to Microsoft Frontpage, a now ancient piece of software that allowed you to build webpages in much the same way as PowerPoint slides. Tom didn’t have the software at home, so he ended up buying a book on HTML and learning the basics of building websites. More technical coding soon followed, and Tom taught himself PHP and basic database skills using articles and resources online. Little did he realise this would end up influencing his whole career!

Emily – Account Executive

I’m proof that it’s never too late to learn. More recently, I took on a coding course through Codecademy, a free online website, which I recommend for any beginners in coding. It teaches courses like HTML, Java and CMS with practical tests Google Garage was another coding course, where I got infuriated by a game that I could never get past the last level. You can find this game here. For some people coding can be viewed as an intimidating skill, but once you get the basics it can actually be quite fun! The fact that coding is to be taught more and more as part of the curriculum can only be a positive thing in our increasingly technology-driven society – a little bit of coding knowledge can take you a long way!

September 20, 2018
By Emily Triplett