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Team Workshops Over Zoom?

24th March 2020

One thing we do on a regular basis for our retained clients is internal idea workshops, where we bring the whole Huddle team together to come up with new ideas to enable our clients to meet their goals. Despite all working remotely due to COVID-19, we didn’t want this to stop us from delivering these regular workshops. We know our clients get value from them and are an integral part of our service. So, we explored new ideas. We thought we would try a tool called Miro, which is a shared whiteboard collaboration app. Beforehand, our Client Services Director Tom prepared some “boards” for us to work with. These involved some templates for us to fill in, much like drawing boxes and shapes on a whiteboard. During the session, we ran through our typical idea session exercises, but this time instead of using a physical whiteboard and pens and paper, we did all of this over Miro. The end result looked something like this (blurred for client privacy): With our individual idea sketches like this: Overall Miro was a great tool to use for this. In some ways doing this over Miro and Zoom was even better than in person – there was more focus, it was easier to stay on track, and exporting the results for use in a presentation to our client was much easier. We’re glad we can keep up our workshops without compromising output quality!

March 24, 2020
By Emily Triplett