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Continuing to invest in process and performance across the team

After making some key changes to the way we work this year (see bottom of this article) we invited Andrew West-Moore, accomplished product leader, to shadow our team and explore new and improved ways of working.

20th October 2023

Andrew has worked across several recognisable and established brands, including, and UKFast, leading agile tech teams to deliver value-added improvements and new features across multiple platforms.

We spent 2 separate days with Andrew. The first day was spent with Andrew shadowing our team, observing, and mostly asking questions, in order to gain a better understanding of what we do, how we work, and our challenges therein.

On the second day, Andrew worked with our Client Services Director, Tom, and Project Manager, Rachel, to dive deeper into the Huddle process, what is and isn’t working, and specific areas for improvement.

Since we met with Andrew, we’re pleased to say we have already incorporated specific changes including streamlining how we share targets with our team every week, reducing admin time spent, and adopting new agile techniques to increase the amount of work completed in each sprint.

We enjoyed working with Andrew and can already see the benefit of the changes implemented. We look forward to working together again in the future!

October 20, 2023
By Tom Parson