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Increase Enquiries and Make Qualifying Leads Easier with a Quote Generator

13th June 2017

When planning on creating a new website, making your website interesting and interactive is crucial to engaging users and keeping them interested in your brand and offering.

Providing interactive widgets on your website is a great way to do this, while also often saving you time internally as well.

Consider quotes, for example. If you’re a service-based company, how much time do you spend establishing a client’s needs and coming up with a ballpark figure? This is an important step in the sales funnel to help qualify the lead, and let you know if you should spend more time nurturing it, or if you’re simply not what the client is looking for.

One way to get this process off to a flying start is to build a quote generator tool into your website, but not just any tool, one that entices users with interactive elements like sliders

An example of a quote generator can be found on our virtual datarooms page. This encourages visitors to fill out the form and get in touch, and gives you a starting point when calling them back, so you both have an initial understanding of what they’re looking for.

Check out another example on LoveSpace, they’ve utilised an interactive slider to give the user control over their requirements, which also promotes user-engagement.

We’re always looking for new web development opportunities to generate revenue for our clients while saving time on their internal processes.

Get in touch to see how we can help increase your website enquiries using a quote generator widget.

June 13, 2017
By Tom Parson