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Back to the Office - Slow and Steady

24th July 2020

This week we were welcomed into our swanky new office at Bonded Warehouse. As lockdown restrictions and government guidelines are starting to loosen, we’ve taken the decision to enable our team to work from an office location if they want to. Before lockdown, we were an office-first and work-from-home-if-you-need-to kind of business. We were all in the office during weekdays unless we needed or wanted to work from home. We find a huge amount of value as a team in face-to-face communication, though since lockdown we have now discovered the joys of remote, asynchronous working, and have learned that so much of what we do can be done remotely. But not everything. We still have times where we need to get around a meeting table, use a real-life white board, or work with laptops side by side. So despite moving to remote working recently, we do still need a physical base as a business. Somewhere to meet up, invite new clients, onboard new staff, and generally reconnect with each other. And that brings us to our new office! We are now “based” (though I’m not sure what that means anymore) in Department, a co-working environment in Bonded Warehouse, Manchester. For anyone local, it’s located behind the Museum of Science & Industry in Spinningfields, right next to the Crystal Maze experience! Here’s a few snaps of our new digs: The team at Department have done a great job of promoting social distancing, providing one-way systems and free hand sanitiser. The environment feels very safe and secure, meaning our team can enjoy the office environment safely. It seems like now we’re founding ourselves as a work-from-home-first and go-into-the-office-if-you-need-to kind of business, which is fine by us.

July 24, 2020
By Tom Parson