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6 essential WordPress plugins for your website

9th July 2019

Plugins are a great way to get the most out of your WordPress website. With over 55, 000 WordPress plugins it can seem a bit daunting to know which ones will work best. Every website requires different plugins based on the functions it needs to have but we’ve picked 6 plugins that are essential for the basic structure of your website. 1. Bulk Move Bulk move plugin lets you move multiple posts between different categories, tags and custom taxonomy. This is a great time saver for when you have a lot of posts to go through and apply the same category to. 2. Duplicate Post Duplicate post plugin allows you to clone posts and pages and save them as drafts so you can edit them. This is a real time saver when you want to make a new page that is very similar to an existing one, without having to start from scratch. 3. Yoast SEO For SEO guidance, Yoast is a great plugin for tips on boosting your ranking by making simple changes to your content. You can enter the keywords you want your posts to be associated with and the plugin will give you feedback on what you can do to optimise your content. 4. WP Mail Logging For websites that send out emails to their users, this plugin is great for logging all mail that is sent through the website. It’s good for keeping track of when emails were sent and if there were any errors stopping them from being sent out. 5. Enable Media Replace This plugin is a great time saving tool, enabling a 1 click replace of images. It means that if you need to update an image that you’ve used in a few places, and don’t want to change everywhere you have used it, you can replace the image in one place and it will update throughout the site. 6. 404 Page Use this plugin to easily create a custom page that users see when the content they’re looking for can’t be found. You can create a page like any other, and then designate that the page to show when users see a “Page Not Found” message.

July 9, 2019
By Emily Triplett